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How can you keep an eye on your business even on vacation?

Imagine going into a holiday for a few days. If you have the luxury of letting your business and employees freely, breaking total contact with them, congratulations! If you can afford this luxury and yet you do not, it’s good to know that we provide the tools by which you have control of your business wherever you are.

Together We have already established that the online environment is essential for developing your business. This means check at least two aspects: a professional developed website, mobile friendly, meaning visible on any device and online promotion campaign.

Our maintenance service gives you comfort that your online presence is secure.

Wherever you are, we are a click away from you or simply typing in our live chat

You can notify us regarding any problem or issue that you might have. We prioritize and quickly intervene. We make frequent back-ups, we have uptime monitoring, and we administrate your website. It’s an easy to use service, tailored made for your needs.

If you own an online store, a professional management console and easy to use allows you to check in any time your orders, processing stage, the situation of stocks, etc.

Our tailor-made CRM applications will increase your business efficiency and at the same time you will have control over your business segments and sub segments, and also a perfect management tool to use everywhere.

You will see in real time the work in progress, daily, weekly, monthly reports and the best of all you can send bills from Maldives Beach. You manage everything without any fear of errors.

Have you made your luggage already?

How to “land” your clients successfully!

A common mistake that some companies make when sending newsletters including links or they promote themselves through ads online is to send the potential client into their website instead of direct them to a specific landing page with a call to action.

What is a Landing Page?

It is where you have the opportunity to win customers through a targeted message, to a targeted audience.

A Landing page is basically a web page which should respect the visual identity of your brand, but is separated from the site.

On this page you should always look at things from the customer’s perspective: what are his needs and problems and how you can solve them. The Landing page has a pragmatic purpose, it is always oriented for conversion.

It is said that in online you have only five seconds available to create a good impression. This principle is essential and we need to take into account when we set a landing page in terms of design and content.

For a remarkable Landing Page you should consider the followings:

  • A convincing title
  • Strongly concentrate on showing the benefits
  • Call to Action with a strategic location
  • Clear, concise and valuable messages
  • Easy to read text, organised and spacious
  • Content is good to be as a single action and offer
  • Social proofs and testimonials
  • Highlighting text with bullets, arrows to show better what’s important
  • Eloquent pictures
  • Order form / registration should be easy to do it without having too much useless information just what the client needs to contact you
  • Don’t include link’s from other pages because you may lose the client

Ask now about a professional Landing Page!

We create online beauty!

We received a lot of questions in the past about our motto: why “We Create Online Beauty”

It’s a motto that we chosen after a brainstorming made with the entire team. What we are doing, what is our history, what is our background, our client testimonies, what are clients talk about, where are we going and how we became professionals – everything contributed to put the foundation of a solid brief and the results are what defines the Creative Ones Team capabilities.

With no lack of modesty we tell you that We Create Online Beauty!

The beauty is what we all desire: physical beauty, a beautiful day spent with our beloved ones, the beauty of an art work, the beauty of a well made project…

Beauty means attitude, profound, intelligence, everything what is pleasing, harmony, happiness, trust, honesty. And this is just a short list.

We have strong values that we put in every online project made by us. We know that every client setts expectations about…beauty for his project: he wants a beautiful website, he wants a beautiful marketing campaign, he wants a beautiful online game….

Beauty doesn’t mean “polish” as in what’s on the surface. Beauty is the interface for what we develop, in a few words: productive features, customized apps, targeted campaigns…

We are aestheticians, we have the “bistoury” and besides the beautiful aspect that we obtain after any profound “operation”, we take to surface what brings power, trust and generates reliable measured results.

That being said you can relax on and rely on us.

Creative Ones – Senior Programmers & Designers UX for Brands and Agencies. Your Online Marketing Team.

Be online or don’t be at all!

In the past years if you had a TV commercial or a huge banner downtown it meant that you had a big marketing budget. Everybody saw the commercial, and remembered your brand, your product and afterwards they were searching for it in the store.

Today things are changed: the customer rigorously verify you through several filters.

If you show up in the customers face with an outdoor banner or a TV commercial they will “scan” you in online, analyse your website and the way that you communicate with your audience, they read previews, testimonials and only after a closer look and if you convince them, they will take the decision to come towards you.

The online environment runs along with technology development, the more phones become smartphones the more internet is browsed and the customer’s decision is based there.

To “browse” the internet became an insufficient expression. Now we are talking about a real journey that is happening, we have affection, experience, emotions….

Online tools keep up with trends. Online Marketing is more and more sophisticated.

Using Remarketing we can assist our website visitor from the intention of buying up to the decision of buying, and the best part is that we can observe his entire behaviour.

Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry.

Once a visitor left your website behind chances to come back are minimal.

Prin Remarketing ii re-amintesti de tine, ajungi din nou in fata lui, practic ai o noua sansa de a transforma un vizitator al site-ului tau in client.

Remarketing helps you to remember your website visitors of you, in this way you have another chance to obtain his attention and to transform it from visitor to client.

Remarketing is used through Google Adwords reaching around 85% of internet users.


  • Tracking ( You see exactly what ads work, you test and see the most efficient campaign )
  • You have full control over the budget ( you can easily choose your budget by seeing exactly what is working )
  • Promoting is efficient and will not be expensive

As a part of Creative Ones I am proud that we are a Google Partner and we are a leading Digital Marketing Company that delivers online marketing solutions tailored specifically for any type of business.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We asked 100 people how a picture should be to convince them to buy the product from that picture.

The Answers are on our taste because it highlights exactly what we aim for when we offer to our customers a professional photographer shooting of their product..

People want to see in a product photo the following:

  • Important details captured by camera lens
  • Textures and surfaces that reproduce true reality
  • The product is highlighted by being placed on a background and this helps the client to decide into buying the product
  • Shapes and features captured accurately by the camera lens
  • They want to see the exact product not a copy paste picture from another website
  • They want to be convinced about the fact that the picture is the real thing to trust the brand

Don’t forget! Pictures make the difference between websites!

The higher quality pictures have the more your website will be convincing and the conversion rate will increase from visitors to customers.

Work with professionals especially when you have an online store or something to sell!

It’s all about the image that your brand is projecting to the world.

To convince yourself that we take the best product pictures take a look here: Product Photo Shooting

Have you considered how much incompetence will cost you?

Often we tend to choose cheap. Apparently cheaper will affect our pockets, because in essence it means to cut from quality and to opt for incompetence.

You take the cheapest pair of shoes…. You wear them a few days, they will start to break. Ok you buy glue you repair them with glue or you take them to the nearest shoemaker and you pay for a repair. Hmm besides the fact that you just made an unexpected expense you have in mind the fact that you are wearing something mended, worn. You endure and… you go on.

Ooops! The outsole just fell off and you had to go on an important meeting. What you’re going to do? You pay for another pair of shoes. You don’t have a choice, you must wear shoes when you leave the house. Maybe this time you learned your lesson.

You know how it’s said: we are to poor to buy cheap things.

So whenever you need online services choose to work with professionals to win:

  • Quality and performance guarantee
  • Guarantee of stability – a team will not disappear in thin air
  • The guarantee of a team that constantly invest in performance – specialized courses, certificates, certifications from big companies like Google, Facebook and so on
  • The guarantee that your project will be finished in time and will be with no mistakes
  • The quality of services, team experience, transparent activity and costs, infrastructure which contributes directly to the performance of your project
  • Full control over the project

We are here for you! And we are Creative Ones.

How to make upselling and grow the “happiness level” of your customers

Good to see you again! What good happened with your partner – the website?

What did you do better for it?

We will continue this article in which we want to give some tips and tricks that will convert your visitors into leads..

Lately my inbox is full with newsletters. From some I will unsubscribe because they became annoying and I receive them daily. Others come less often, I don’t wait for them especially however they make me curious, anxious about opening them and I can hardly wait to read them.

There are newsletters and newsletters

The good part is the fact that if you set a good strategy for email marketing, based on good and relevant content for your audience and you set a frequency of sending them reasonably you can fully enjoy the rewards of this advertising channel.

So what we are advising is to gather all the email addresses from your website visitors. Well you will say that not everybody is willing to give their email address. You’re absolutely right, however if you’re offer them something in exchange for their email address, definitely things will change.

What is the handiest thing to offer in exchange for an email address that will be really useful and appreciated? Depends on what is your website all about:

  • If you are an online store platform you can offer a discount voucher
  • If you promote online services you can offer a free ebook with relevant information about the benefits of the service
  • You can make promises to inform your audience about: promotions, events, contests
  • Or you can offer anything that answer specific needs to your website visitors.

All of these actions successfully attract leads.

Come back to us and we will provide you with an email marketing campaign.
You will start to communicate straight with your customers, and with interested people in your product or service.

Let them talk: Your clients know you better.

In online, proof management is very important to increase confidence in your brand. Robert Cialdini said it best: When we have a decision, we tend to imitate others. This way we are sure that we will not go wrong with our choice.

How can this principle be used online?

  1. By including the stories on the website – testimonies of those who purchased your products / services. Testimonials are proof of confidence.
  2. By including on website comments, reviews. If you have an online store, they are reliable evidence that can influence the decision of potential visitors.
  3. Through product recommendations – other products bought by people on your online store.
  4. By presenting case studies on the website – this is a great way if you sell services.

Optimize your website with reliable evidence! Request testimonials and feedback from your clients. In fact, be active in your relationship with your audience.

It’s also a proof that you care about their opinion and also is a method of loyalty programs.

We are here and together we work on turning your website visitors into leads.

Can you checkmark this checklist with the YES? This means you have a perfectly optimized website.

A successful mix between web design and online content is an essential step to draw visitors attention to your website and make them return.

In this regard, we present you a checklist in the following manner:

  • Have you included on your website a professional done logo?
  • Is it clear enough who is your company and what unique offers has, what sets it apart from the competition?
  • Text from every page achieves it’s purpose? It develops the title with success?
  • The texts have triggers or a call to action?
  • The texts present all benefits of your product or your service?
  • Do you use graphic assets: bullets or arrows?
  • Are you using images that show your audience the usage of your product or service when is used?
  • Images and Video’s that are being used are original? Do you have license rights?
  • If you are using a video is it setup to manual playback?
  • If you want to provide additional information are you using lightbox, in order for your visitors to not be forced to leave your website for additional information?
  • Do you highlight the information, especially those containing call to action through design (contrast, size)?
  • Do you offer your visitors your contact info, email, phone, live chat or address?
  • Do you offer truthful testimonials (person name, company, contact details)?

If anything is missing or needs to be improved, count on us for tips & tricks! Contact us Today through our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


How many sales you had in the past month with your online store?

In the past few days I wanted to make an acquisition so I started browsing the internet. I entered a lot of online shops and my critic eye couldn’t help to not notice that some online stores should have a sign where it says “We are closed”.

I am thinking that it will be of use for an online shop start-up or for an online store which wants to perform to find out more about what’s the next healthiest step to do in developing things.

In online environment, customers have access to quick information, they want to compare, then they go to social media to find out more and see other opinions of others that already bought or tested the products.

An online store that is selling thousands of products has to take in to consideration an easier process for the potential customer to find the product that he’s been looking for.
And if this is not so easy to achieve, at least it should consider to integrate a live chat for potential clients to communicate in real time with the retailer.
The technical platform that supports the online store, whether it’s build on a known platform , whether it is customized, it should be able to sustain the domain and the store specific activity.

Not to mention the fact that it’s imperative for any online business to have a responsive website or a mobile application, considering the growing number of users accessing the Internet from their mobile devices.

Online payment also should be secured.

Advertising. You don’t do anything with your pretty store if you just wait for potential customers to enter your website if don’t promote it.

Strategy is the key, and the most efficient strategy is to have a marketing mix of all channels.

If it’s made by professionals, Targeted advertising ( keywords, placements, re-marketing, retargeting ) through Google Adwords leads to a better Conversion Rate Optimisation ( CRO ).

Newsletter is also a great promoting and useful channel for your website. Don’t forget to collect from your website the e-mail address of your users.

Transparency is very important for an online store, and social media gives you the opportunity to be transparent – people are strongly influenced on their purchasing decision from comments, reviews, links endorsements.

Measure conversion rate of every channel. This way you have the possibility to improve the strategy and you’ll focus on other channels that gives you more conversions.

Go on, keep up the sales! We are here to optimize your online store!